ZUNE Gen 2

Val has been wanting a new flash based music player, and of course me being the gadget guy that I am I had to see if we were going to jump the Zune given it finally has a flash player. So on Friday before I left for my leave I decided to stop by the Microsoft Company store and pickup a couple new 8GB flash Zunes. I have to say I am pretty impressed, the devices is much lighter than I expected and the screen is great to look at. I actually like the new Zune software, the big issue I have right now is no ability to build auto playlists. What I am looking for is the ability to customize what I put on my player based on how much I like the music and how many times I have played a given track. I understand that the Zune team pulled the Auto Playlists in this version since they did research that most normal users just never understood how they worked. Well I hope they bring them back, and better than in WMP.

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