Photophlow: A Social Experience for Flickr Photographers

Brian Auer of EpicEdits recently did a guest article on Digital Photography School about photophlow. I personally have tried it, and it is really got me excited about moving some of my photos over to Flickr. I have been using SmugMug for some time now, and I don't plan to close my SmugMug account. I feel better about having full size images that I know are being backed up on SmugMug. But Flickr is way more social, and now with photophlow you add a real-time aspect to the social that the normal flickr is missing.

Blurb from the article:

photophlow is a mixture of several concepts and existing services (a mashup of sorts). The basis of photophlow is Flickr: the photo-sharing website that is popular amongst many online photographers. photophlow uses the Flickr API to interface with Flickr users and photos. The interface is somewhat of a skin that allows for added functionality and new features. The main feature photophlow adds to the Flickr experience is the use of chat rooms and real-time interaction with the other photographers.

Brian goes into details about the interface and how he has been using the service as a way to determine which photographs makes the EpicEdits weekly PhotoDump.

As an extension of my weekly PhotoDump blog posts, I’ve been experimenting with photophlow as a means to get people involved with the photo selection process. Prior to photophlow, I had been personally selecting photos from our Flickr pool to display on the blog each week. With photophlow, I invited the people submitting photos to the pool to also select the photos that would be displayed on the blog post.

Maybe there is some value in this Web2.0 stuff after all.

P.S. I still have a few photophlow invites if you are interested. Comment or email me.