Rest in Peace Bailey

Val and I had to make the hard decision yesterday to put down one of our dogs Bailey. Bailey was a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, although he fully thought he was a Siberian Husky. About two months ago, Bailey was diagnosed with Diabetes and had to be put on twice daily shots. Then Monday morning is stopped wanting to eat, did not eat for two days actually. And that is the one thing is the world that got that dog up in the morning, so we knew something was very wrong. Val took him over to the vets, and it turned out that he had Pancreatitis and was in a lot of pain. Since the vet really could only stabilize him and since his over all health was declining we decided to put him down. It is always hard to make a decision like this, but I think it was the right choice.

Of course the first thing I thought of was how was I going to tell Hayden. He is almost four and had not really had to deal with the loss of a pet. I decided I was going to fully tell him the truth and could not sugar coat it or tell him some fantasy about Bailey going to heaven or some farm. When I told him that Bailey was sick and was in a lot of pain and had died. He asked a few questions, such as “Could I see him?”, but quickly said, “Bailey is dead, are we getting another dog?” Of course my answer that we still had Milo and Niki was not helpful, since he seems to think it is important that we have three dogs. I am sure he will have more questions has time goes on, but I am glad I told him the truth.

So we will miss you Bailey, you were not the smartest dog, but you were a good sweet dog. Rest in Peace Bailey