Print Purchase Highlight: Nicki Steiger

This year I decided to take up Jim Goldstein on his second annual “Buying Prints from Your Favorite Photographers” project. As Jim mentions in his post, “It’s not a photo until it’s a print”, I could not agree more, every time I print one of my shots I am very pleased at the results.

The first photographer that I wanted to contact about this project was Nicki Steiger of Nicki is based out of Dresden, Germany. I have been inspired by Nicki since I stumped upon his site a little over a year ago. Nicki has quite a photographic range, his darker work first caught my eye, but he also has a lighter side, and is able to capture some incredible child portraits.

Upon approaching Nicki, to be part of the project, he was very interested, and happy to help. Now it was just to decided which of all his great shots was I going to ask for as a print. It wasn’t easy, but I ended up selecting “Autumn” I love the depth of field in this shot and though it would look great printed and framed within my house.


I want to thank Nicki again for taking part, and Jim for coming up with this great project.