Print Purchase Highlight: Robert Jaudon

The second photographer that I really wanted a print from, as part of Jim Goldstein’s second annual “Buying Prints from Your Favorite Photographers”, was Robert Jaudon.

Rob and I have been online friends for quite some time now, both encouraging each other in our photography. After contacting Rob about this project we decided to take a slightly different approach to the project.  We would select photos from the others catalogs, but we would exchange full digital files, including the raw files.  And then we would each try our hand at editing the others shot and make a print.  It added an additional aspect to the project that was pretty fun.

I selected “Wine Barrel” from Rob’s portfolio, and to be honest it was difficult to think how I was going to try to improve on Rob’s original processing. I didn’t do much, I slightly change some of the color toning to make it slightly more monotone, but not much, I really liked the shot how Rob processed it.


I want to thank Rob again for making this a fun project, and for Jim for coming up with such a cool idea.