Rally for the late John T. Williams

A rally in memory of the Native American woodcarver, John T. Williams, was held in Victor Steinbruek Park on Saturday February 19th.  John T. Williams was shot and killed by Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk on August 30th, 2010 after the deaf woodcarver did not obey officer Birk’s command to drop the three-inch knife Williams was holding.  </p>

After Seattle prosecutors decided not to press criminal charges against Officer Birk, there were several violent riots in Seattle.  The riots came as a reaction to several incidents of police brutality of the last few years. But the “Carve-In” on Feb. 19th, was a very peaceful rally to remember the slain woodcarver. Prominent members of the Native American community spoke along with John’s brother Rick Williams. A tribute totem is in the planning stages to honor the late John T. Williams.