Star Wars

I think there are a few things that every parent hopes to be able to share with their children. It could be your love of a sport team. I have been successful in teaching (brainwashing) my children to love the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As my kids have gotten older, I was looking forward to the day when they were old enough to experience Star Wars. I still remember sitting inside the theater at 6 years old and experiencing the opening scene of Star Wars. It was an amazing experience as a 6 year old. I had never seen anything like it.

My kids are not experiencing Star Wars the way I did. Not even close. I tried to control how they were exposed to Star Wars, but it was useless. Between seeing the episodes I-III, playing Lego Star Wars, and talking with their friends, their experience is all wrong.

Over this past holiday weekend, I decided to try to do a Star Wars reset on my kids (son 8 and daughter 5). Starting with episode IV A New Hope, then into Empire, I was hoping to undo some of the past damage.

I am not sure how successful I was. My son already knows that Darth is Luke’s father. So the pivotal scene in Empire didn’t have an impact on him. In fact I had to catch his attention, and replay the scene. But of course he already knew that, he just looked at me “dad I know”.

Maybe it is unreasonable to think your kids are going to have the same reaction to the experiences you had as a child. They will never know what it feels like to sit in a theater as see Star Wars before anyone knew what it was going to become. They are never going to know how it felt to grow up in Pittsburgh during the early 70s. They know their dad loves the Steelers, so they love the Steelers. But they can’t experience the same way I did, not reasonable, and not possible.

But that is OK, they will have their own first experiences that their kids won’t understand the same way either. Let the cycle continue…