Mark Groves

Twenty years of software industry experience within dynamic leading edge software and services companies. Expertise includes software product/program management, technical people management, architectural design, and agile process improvement. Analytical decision maker with excellent problem-solving and leadership skills. Strong ability to translate customer and business need into compelling products.

Seattle, WA


2013- Splunk

  • Sr. Director, Product Management
    • Lead platform and ecosystem product management team.
    • Ran core product management team driving execution for Splunk Enterprise.
    • Responsible for process improvement to drive a cloud-first strategy within engineering and product management.
    • Responsible for product wide portfolio management organizational process.


2005-2013 Microsoft

  • Principal Group Program Manager - Visual Studio
    • Built a strong Program Manager team, providing leadership and direction through several full product life-cycles.
    • Experienced in cross-organization collaboration with DevDiv, Windows, SQL, Yammer, and System Center.
    • Responsible for improving customer productivity through architecture and collaboration experiences.
    • Product planning experience, including the owner of Visual Studio Ultimate’s product backlog.
    • Microsoft Leadership Bench program (FY2010-FY2011)
    • Member of the STB High Potential Leadership program.


  • Director of Software Development / Architecture
    • Managed several development teams ranging from eight to thirty members.
    • Created process improvement team to streamline product development processes.
    • Implemented software release management process improving release quality.
    • Initiated test-driven development methodologies within the product development teams.

2000-2001 VIGNETTE

  • Sales Engineer / Manager AppDemo Team
    • Managed multi-disciplinary engineering team
    • Designed and built JSP/EJB architecture to support Vignette’s next generation product suite.
    • Pre-Sales engineering and consulting to Vignette’s strategic Fortune 100 accounts.

1999-1999 BIKE.COM

  • Director of Technology
    • Responsible for all technical operations with twelve direct reports.
    • Successfully deployed a high-availability commerce system.


  • Senior Consultant
    • Developed architectures for large scale, hi-availability commerce sites that met or exceeded 5-9s up-time.
    • Coordinated and influenced system engineering and hosting operations during the critical startup phase.


  • Co-Founder / Software Engineer
    • Built interesting integrations between industrial equipment and client systems.


  • Analyst
    • Consulted at United Parcel Services, built custom web server on the AS/400.


1995 U. of Pittsburgh

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering


  • Certified Scrum Master


2014 Integrated work lists for engineering project change management, United States Patent: 8726226

2013 Using web model feeds to version models which are defined in modeling languages, United States Patent: 8601440

2013 Architectural data metrics overlay, United States Patent: 8413108

2011 Enable top-down service design, United States Patent: 8086992